With a passion for dirt bikes, an obsession with comfort, and a love of adventure : Ride. Board. Walk. Fish, AVADE was started because of our own need for a LIGHTWEIGHT and fast acting, heated garment that could compliment an existing active apparel, not replace it.


We strove to build that perfect outfit, that feeling of unison between man and machine, tool or apparel, that feeling you get when everything works together and creates that harmonious flow.


Preparation and setup was paramount. We wanted  everything to fit and feel perfect, always thinking and researching new ideas.


Do we just buy something that was adequate, or do we build a garment that was perfect for our multitude of uses. Constantly altering and adjusting.


Originally it was the dirt bike and enduro riding that brought about the idea of a heated garment, keeping warm during those cool down times without overheating everywhere else. Then it soon took over our lives. It needed to work for our fishing trips and mountain biking weekends...golf, weekend sport spectating... the list went on. It had to be right for all, not just perfect for one.


AVADE has been designed to be incredibly lightweight, thoughtfully engineered  and supply warmth quickly at the PUSH of a button.


Created for those start-up and cool down times, rest periods and transport sections. Using a minimalistic approach in an ultra light-weight garment,  synthetic fibres for strength and flexibility, naturally occurring vapour  release and Zero thermal benefits. Incorporating strategically placed carbon fibre heating zones, that balance heat, safety and battery life in a package that delivers maximum heat fast, on demand.


AVADE. Escape the cold

“It was an awesome days riding in the Victorian jungles of Cape Otway, tough sections of trail, covered in mud, soaked in sweat and loving it. Live it, talk it and can’t wait to do it all again. Then comes the rest period, the transport section, that wind chill factor, not so much fun anymore... that was the moment, shivering down a transport section, longing for that next piece of hard core trail.


I need a riding top with a switchable heating system. A garment that was light, unrestrictive, conforming and functional that must not retain heat but offer it - at the push of a button. No where to be found - so we invented one!”

Our testing included:

4 years of R&D

107 test garments

Submerged in a river

Crash tested against a tree

Fallen off the back of a truck

Chewed by a boar

Shot at

Torn to shreds

Dragged through mud

Snow tested

Used as tow rope


Needless to say it's designed to be used!