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Winner of the recent Design and Innovation Award 2015, Equipment classification.

"The AVADE is a revelation"


"There are certain inventions it seems like the whole world has been waiting for. And for me, the AVADE heated base layer definitely fit into this category."


Hannah Röther.
Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine


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Chris Birch

Red Bull Extreme Enduro Rider



UK trials and extreme enduro rider for team BETA

"@hemingwayben and had my @inavade top on and it's a winner on a road bike"


"After several years of development they have beaten the winter chill with this top"

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I hate riding in the cold! Long transports down roads at 8am are evil. Standing in the rain waiting for a lost rider or a flat tyre sux too!


But I was lucky enough to try an Avade heated riding top on a 3 day ride in Tassie recently.


It is the brainchild of Steve, one of the team at Otway Tours. He is a skinny man that has to do a lot of klms in cold weather. And after several years of development he has beaten the winter chill with this top.


It is a skins-like lycra long sleeved top with three carbon fibre heater elements in it - two on the chest, one on the back. It has a small battery that lasts several hours and a three stage switch with colored led lights for each setting - and it warms up in about 5 seconds!


He explained to me that it was made of the thinnest material possible so once the day warms up, you just hold down the button sewn into your wrist for 5 seconds and it is off for the day. The top just feels like a skins top after that. I couldn't really feel the heater pads or slimline battery under my body armour either, it is all neatly positioned and comfortable.


They can handle plenty of water too - I tested it in a boghole when I drowned myself and my bike. It has to be the smartest product I have come across for winter! IT IS HEATED GRIPS FOR YOUR WHOLE BODY!!


His website will be up and running soon in time for winter. If not I might put them up on for him. They come in S,M & L at the moment. I could wear a bigger size but L did fit me. I also plan to wear it at the MCG watching footy and would be a lifesaver fishing or sitting on a chair lift on any ski slope.


Great to see another cracking Aussie invention for dirtbike riders!!

"The Avade jersey is a well thought through design that does exactly what it sets out to do, it does it with little fuss and it does it well."

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Love the Avade heated top. Just press the sleeve switch and your warm as toast for when your blasting down the road. Battery lasts for ages too. See ya later enduro jacket!

Con Thermos (Enduro rider)



Great for those cold mornings on the golf course. No need to pile on the layers.

Stephen Alexander (Golfer)



Excellent setup.

Wouldn't go on another ride without it.

Cory Harris (Rider)